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Research and Production

Scientific and Manufacturing Enterprise Tomsk Electronic Company was founded in 1999 basing on research and production facilities of the Tomsk Branch of Moscow Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

SME Tomsk Electronic Company possesses a full range of techniques for electronic, electrotechnical, mechanical engineering production and effective management thus assuring a flexible approach to implementation of innovative solutions within target dates.

The company employs 800 people, of them 85% have university degrees and 70% are engineers and technical specialists. SME TEC has an affiliate in the Republic of Kazakhstan - SMETEC Ltd. and branches in Moscow and Nizhniy Tagil.  Production facilities of the Company occupies 15000 sq.m.

Research and Engineering Facilities

- Oil and gas facilities
- Process systems for metallurgy
- Software development

Production Facilities

  • Mechanical production including machining and welding shops
  • Assembly of electronic and panel equipment
  • Nondestructive inspection laboratory
  • Maintenance department
  • Assembly and setup workshop
  • Technical control department including testing equipment
  • Warehouse 
  • Electrotechnical Laboratory

SME TEC Production Capacity

  • Construction and upgrade - 3-5 projects per year
  • Lines for bulk materials batching and supply including turn key commissioning - 15 projects per year
  • PSC of 300 up to 2000 signals including commissioning - 30 systems per year
  • Traffic control systems - more than 10 systems per year
  • Weighing equipment and systems - more than 200 units per year
  • Integrated metering systems - 10 systems per year
  • Computing units - 120 items per year
  • Electric drives, electronic control units, units for motor electronic control and protection, starters etc - up to 3000 items per year
  • Other electronic units, devices and systems - more than 3000 items per year
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