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System Functions

Traffic Control

  • Routine data on production task completion (orders)
  • Identification of the machinery location basing on GPS/CLONASS system
  • Identification of the machinery state basing on the data provided by sensors
  • Displaying state and location of machinery on the operator's desk screen giving points for loading, discharging, track layout and autoroads
  • Warning on downtime limit excess and potential emergency situations
  • Planning for a month, one shift
  • Planning of the equipment maintenance
  • Preparing orders (job orders, trip tickets, shifts schedules etc)
  • Preparing reports on the machinery operations

Production Records

  • Recording scope of transportation of coal, ore, wastes, gravel for a certain period of time (hour, shift, day, week, month)
  • Recording operations of machinery for a period of time...
  • Recording downtime of machinery for a period of time...
  • Recording quantity of consumed fuel and power by each machinery unit for a period of time...
  • Recording personnel hours for a period of time...
  • Recording maintenance and repair of the machinery

Maintenance of Central Database

Main Types of Process, Controlled by System

  • Resources control (personnel, equipment, material)
  • Shift crossover by drivers/operators in the mining area
  • Generating shift and routine tasks (orders) for drivers/operators
  • Routine process control of production and stripping in the mining area
  • Routine recording of production results and resource consumption

System Components

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