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Assembly and Commissioning

SME Tomsk Electronic Company possesses all necessary resources and tools to perform all types of work on assembly and commissioning.

Our Company gives the top priority to provision of high quality services which is supported by qualified personnel, state-of-art equipment, mobilization resources and production facilities, allowing achieving the best results.

The Company possesses all licenses for all the services it provides.

There is a special division in our Company involved into assembly and commissioning, for this purpose the following special subdivisions have been setup within SME TEC structure: operation, repair and commissioning, maintenance service.

Specialists from the above listed subdivisions have been trained in special training centers of companies manufacturing basic automation tools, they undergo regular professional certification in industrial safety and have all the required permits to work on explosion hazardous facilities.

Assembly and commissioning are implemented in compliance with acting Construction norms and GOSTs basing on design documents developed by our Company (or come other designing organization).

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