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Production and Supply of Packaged Automation Systems

SME Tomsk Electronic Company has a full range of technologies for electronic, electrotechnical and mechanical production and sufficient production resources, which will guarantee the Customer observance of planned dates and high quality services in manufacturing and supply of packaged automation systems.

Manufacturing and supply include the following stages, which are implemented in strict compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

  • Appointment of a project manager
  • Development and approval of work schedule
  • Development of design documents and applied software
  • Manufacturing of integrated hardware and software
  • Pilot operation
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Shipment to the Customer

Each stage of manufacturing and supply of hardware and software is supervised by a Project Manager.

Manufacturing of an automation system is based on design documents (developed by our company or some third party), and these documents serve as a basis for development of detail engineering documents and applied software.

Comprehensive relevant production testing is performed when manufacturing automation technical tools, it includes electrical and mechanical testing, climatic, metrological and etc, with quality acceptance by the Company, technological running from 24 up to 360 hours for items supplied to fire and explosion hazardous productions, systems for emergency shutdown.

Data sheet for supplied products contains all the data on main technical parameters, operation conditions, completeness, production serial numbers for main assembly components, service life, quality guarantee, as well as notes on technological running and factory acceptance test.

During factory acceptance test with involvement of Customer's representatives all the functions of the system are tested using stimulatory technical devices and software.

Shipment (delivery) of the systems as per the terms agreed with the Customer, is performed by the special logistics and export service.

The Customer is guaranteed with high quality manufacturing of the system, and our Company can also provide erection, setup and commissioning, as well as technical maintenance and servicing of the designed equipment.

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