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Integrated Automation for Petrochemical Facilities

SME Tomsk Electronic Company has gained significant experience in petrochemical projects due the long term cooperation with OOO Tomskneftekhim. The very first projects of our Company and Tomskneftekhim were implemented in the 90-s of last century.

Tomskneftekhim being one of the biggest plants in its industry became a crucial partner for SME TEC and served as a main site for intelligent resources application.

In 2003 SME TEC developed a perspective automation program for Tomskneftekhim, presenting an integrated approach to the company management system, which includes building an integrated system with PCS. This approach implies gradual development of informational structure from production units up to the level of full scale corporate IT system of Tomskneftekhim.

Within the program on the automation development SME TEC develops and introduces systems for automation and ESD at various productions and shops of Tomskneftekhim.

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