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Integrated Services

SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers supplying metering systems for oil, oil products, natural and associated gas, water, material and other flows on turn key basis, providing the following services:

Designing (Certificate allowing to perform operations providing impact on the safety of capital constructions) metering and recording systems, subsystems for heating, ventilation, fire alarm, it includes development and obtaining approvals for the following:

  • Technical assignment
  • Explanatory note
  • Detail design
  • Automation diagrams
  • Electric diagrams
  • Architecture and civil solutions
  • Estimate documents
  • Specifications for equipment

Metrological assurance includes the following services:

  • Metrological scrutiny of design
  • Development, obtaining agreements and approvals for measuring techniques
  • Certification of software and calculation algorithms
  • Testing in order to approve the type in the accredited metrological center entered into the State Register of Measuring Devices

Manufacturing integrated metering and recording systems in our own mechanical workshop using the most advanced mechanical equipment. SME Tomsk Electronic Company performs welding in compliance with certified technologies as well as assembling and erection operations, manufactures electronic, electro-technical and panel equipment.

Civil works, erection, setup and startup, commissioning  (Certificate allowing to perform operations providing impact on the safety of capital constructions), namely:

  • Erection of pre-fabricated buildings and arranging shelters
  • Installation and commissioning of instruments and metering and recording systems.

Guarantee and post guarantee service for metering and recording systems includes on site service:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Fault detection and restoration of the equipment (if it fails)
  • Setup, preparation for calibration and presenting to a state calibrating body

Working in the field of oil production, refinery, petrochemistry and metallurgy SME Tomsk Electronic Company has accumulated significant technical and engineering resources and gained rich experience.

SME Tomsk Electronic Company develops intelligent systems and upgrades various facilities of oil, gas and metallurgy companies.


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