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Available Solutions and Projects in Progress

Rolling Line for Long Components Production (maximum length up to 100 meters)

Possessing significant experience in implementing projects for press rolling production and participating in main technical and design solutions development including PFD, selection of main production equipment, development of transport and auxiliary equipment for rolling line sections and units connection, SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers the technology for Rolling Line for Long Components Production (maximum length 100 meters) including rolling, cutting, fitting, non-destructive testing, heat treatment and stocking operations.


Automated Metal Tracking System

In order to solve the task of getting complete information about process and checking operations of each production unit it is necessary to integrate all subsystems of the production cycle into the unified information space with the capability of data transfer to the systems of upper control level (ERP systems). Automated Metal Tracking System by SME Tomsk Electronic Company can generate electronic protocols of product process operations (from blanking to product shipment to a storage) and electronic product certificates and shipping lists.

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Line for Differential Heat Treatment of Rails

Modern railway transport operation conditions dictate the increased rail reliability and quality requirements. In order to increase the rail quality level up to B requirements as per GOST R 51685-2000 and quality ratings of foreign rail manufacturers as per requirements EN13674-1 SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers the Line for Differential Heat Treatment of Rails.


Heat Treatment Line with Barbotage Function

SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers Heat Treatment Line for hardening of blanks in a special bath with the barbotage function. The special feature of this line is application of various cooling fluids. A universe design and high variety of auxiliary devices for integration into existing systems allow solving wide range of tasks connected with metal heat treatment.

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Section for Rolling Items Mechanical Treatment

SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers an integrated solution for design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning of automated mechanical treatment sections. Manipulators by SME Tomsk Electronic Company perform loading, unloading products and blanks into/out of machining equipment and their transferring between positions. Machining equipment by international leading manufacturers such as MFL, GESMAR, HullerHille is used for mechanical treatment.


Railroad Treatment and Inspection Line for Tangshan Wenfeng Shanchuan Train Wheel Co., LTD

Specialists of SME TEC Ltd., developed a quotation on implementation of process line for treatment and control of railroad wheels for high-speed trains for Tangshan Wenfeng Shanchuan Train Wheel Co., LTD (Tanshan, China). The structure of this line advantageously allows supplying discarded wheels for retreatment.

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Railroad Wheels Treatment and Final Inspection Line for Taiuan

Final inspection line of railroad wheels is aimed for automated inspection and real time control over acceptance testing operations of completed solid wheels after full profile mechanical treatment of the surface in compliance with the requirements of international standards.

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Heat Treatment Line for Railroad Casting

Heat treatment line for railroad casting enables heat treatment of cast bars - side frame and bolster - for equalizing chemical inhomogenei-ty and grain size and obtaining mechanical properties specified by OST-32-183-2001.

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Rail Chair Production Line

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Transportation Equipment for Railroad Casting Normalizing

Transportation equipment is aimed for mechanization and automation of loading and discharge processes of normalizing furnace, blank transportation after the furnace through the cooling bed and handing over to the branch conveyor.

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Ingot Molding and Packaging Line

Ingot molding and packaging line is aimed for aluminum ingots production of 20 kg and enables to provide the following automated process: metal molding, cooling and marking of ingots, layer-by-layer packaging, strapping and marking of packages.

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