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Robotic Complex for Wheels and Tires Thermal Processing

This complex is aimed for conveying the following production during heating, heat hardening and tempering:

  • Railroad wheel blanks with D 710-1260 mm as per GOST 9036-88, GOST 10791-2004
  • Wheel blanks for export as per standards UIC 812, M107/М208
  • Wheel blanks for cranage and other equipment with D 710-1260 mm as per TU 14-15-199-89, TU 14-102-170-96
  • Carbon-steel wheel treads for standard-gauge railway rolling-stock, underground system and locomotives as per GOST 5000, UIC, ASTM
  • Traction motor pinion blanks as per GOST Р51220

Materials for blanks and treads:

  • Wheel steel as per GOST 10791
  • Steel 20 - Steel 60 as per 1050
  • 45ХН as per GOST 4543
  • 55Ф as per GOST Р51220; UIC812; BS; М 107; Gв 1804; ТВ/Т2708; Т as per TU 0943-209оп-01124323-2005

Weight of blanks is from 280 to 1200 kg.

Within the framework of the project SME Tomsk Electronic Company as a Special Partner of Andritz MAERZ GmbH General Contractor provided the following services:

  • Development and Customer approval of plan solution for the line including Andritz MAERZ GmbH equipment supply share
  • Bringing Andritz MAERZ GmbH construction task in line with the Russian standards and formation of common construction task for the line
  • Development of cost estimating documents for installation works including Andritz MAERZ GmbH equipment supply share
  • Site equipment installation management and conclusion of contract for erection works with the local installation company
  • Generation of report forms for equipment installation (КS-2, КS-3) for Andritz MAERZ GmbH.
  • Development of construction documentation and manufacture of equipment for Robotic Technology Complex
  • Сommissioning including connection with the existing rolling line

Introduction of Complex for Thermal Processing enabled:

  • Changing from production of wheels and tires with hardness 320 HB to production of wheels and tires with stable hardness values up to 360 HB
  • Blanks cooling maximum 50ºС down after leaving a heating furnace and providing 28 seconds for wheel delivery from the heating furnace to the back line of hardening machines (15 meters)
  • Integrating the line information space into the shop and rolling line information space that provides information tracking of metal from the moment of heating till the moment of products shipment

Thermal Processing Line data

 Annual running time, hours


 Design capacity, pcs/h


 Normal line cycle, not exceeding, sec. 


 Weight of the supplied equipment,   t    




 Positioning accuracy,  mm


 Lifting capacity, kg


Complex Operation Description


PCS Structure

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