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Railroad Inspection Line for High-Speed Trains for MAANSHAN IRON & STEEL COMPANY LIMITED

During the period from May, 2011 to February, 2012 SME TEC Ltd. took part in implementation of project on production and control of railroad wheels for high-speed trains within the framework of contract with MAANSHAN IRON & STEEL COMPANY LIMITED (Maanshan, China).

Within the implementation of this project SME TEC executed works on designing, design documentation development, manufacturing and supply of robotic transport system (27400 mm length), equipment loading/unloading of wheels onto/from the line, handling of railroad wheels for process units. There were also process units for surface treatment of railroad wheels for high-speed trains designed and manufactured. Commissioning work was performed during the period of September - November of 2012.


The line includes the following equipment:

  • Manipulator (TEC, Russia)
  • Washing unit (TEC, Russia)
  • Hardness control unit (Laizhou Huayin, China)
  • Stamping machine (China)
  • Dimensional measurement unit (Mermec, Italy)
  • Ultrasound testing unit (NDT, Canada)
  • Magnet fluorescent inspection unit (China)
  • Drying unit (TEC, Russia)
  • Painting and drying machine (TEC, Russia)
  • Transportation cars (TEC, Russia) 


Technical Parameters

 Line cycle time, sec/wheels


 Wheel diameter, mm

From 770 to 1250

 Maximum weight of wheel, kg


 Performance, wheels per year

100 000

 Positioning accuracy along all axes, mm


Process diagram 

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