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Administration and electro-technical facilities

Administration and electro-technical facilities may be placed on open platform, in factory assembled block-boxes or in prefabricated modular buildings erected on-site. Integration of process compartment and operator's room in a single building is possible.  Upon individual request buildings can be operated in seismic hazardous areas and can resist earthquakes up to 10 degrees by Richter. Buildings' dimensions correspond to requirements of transportation by means of railroad, automobile and water transport.

Administration facilities of SME TEC production meet up-to-date requirements for functionality and comfort. As s rule, facilities are completed as follows:

  • lavatory
  • with electric or hot water heating
  • natural and artificial lighting
  • self-ventilation
  • fire-alarm system
  • facility access control system
  • office and personnel leisure furniture
  • consumer electronics

Electro-technical facilities are completed as follows:

  • system of electric or hot water heating with function of indoor temperature automatic control within prescribed limits
  • self-ventilation, mechanical extract and input ventilation
  • natural or artificial lighting
  • air contamination monitoring system
  • fire alarm system
  • facility access control system
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