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Premiere of the Short Detective "5" [27.11.2017]
We would like to bring to your attention a short detective film, making by the employees of the SME "TEC" within the framework of the program CorporationTeam.
The Interview with Dubrovin A.N., Deputy Head of Engineering Technical Center to the portal at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017 [16.11.2017]
Within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017, Andrey Nikolaevich Dubrovin gave an interview to the portal, where he told about the latest novelty from the SME "TEC" and plans for the next year.
The Interview with Kozhevnikov Konstantin Gennadievich, Deputy General Director for Oil and Gas Business Area of the SME "TEC", Ltd to the Neftegaz.RU agency at PMGF-2017 [14.11.2017]
Agency Neftegaz.RU talked with Kozhevnikov Konstantin about import substitution and novelties from "Tomsk Electronic Company".
RemTEC (drives) exhibits at St.Petersburg! [11.10.2017]
One of the most significant events in the gas industry - the Petersburg International Gas Forum took place in early October. SME "TEC" could not stand aside and took part in the "ROS-GAS-EXPO" exhibition. The exhibition takes place every year within the framework of the Forum.
SME "ТEC" Takes Part in Oil and Gas Exhibition-2017 [28.09.2017]
This exhibition takes place in the glorious town Surgut for years.
Light, Music Fountain: SME "TEC" Took Part in the Program of Novosobornaya Square Renovation [08.09.2017]
For several weeks, the renovation was under way of one of the main squares of the town — Novosobornaya Square in Tomsk. Moreover, the plan included the full renovation of both the appearance and the intellectual filling of the main place on the square — the fountain.
RemTEK Electric Drives Officially Received the Marine Design [20.07.2017]
SME "TEC", Ltd. received a certificate of a type approval, which means that all RemTEK electric drives meet the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Engineering and Partnership Relations — "TEC" took part in the "Coal of Russia and Mining" Exhibition [16.06.2017]
Last week (6–9 June) one of the high-profile events in the mining industry, "Coal of Russia and Mining" exhibition, took place in Novokuznetsk.
SME "TEC" Began to Cooperate with Vietnam and Azerbaijan [14.06.2017]
Representatives of the "Tomsk Electronic Company" made two foreign trips at the end of May.
On the Native Land: SME "TEC" Took Part in "Oil. Gas. Geology. FEC" in Tomsk [06.06.2017]
From the 31st May to 2nd June there was an interregional specialized exhibition-congress in the framework of the 13th Siberian Forum of subsoil users and enterprises of the fuel and energy complex.
Video Excursion on the Stand of "Tomsk Electronic Company" [18.05.2017]
At the "Neftegaz-2017" exhibition, the representatives of ARMTORG.RU portal together with Dubrovin Andrey Nikolaevich (Deputy Head of ETC of SME "TEC") filmed a detailed execution of all the novelties that were presented at the stand.
"Work for the Customer is our Priority!" [17.05.2017]
The representatives of our long-time information ARMTORG.RU partner portal visited our stand and interviewed Dubrovin Andrey Nikolaevich (Deputy Head of ETC of SME "TEC") at the "Neftegaz-2017" exhibition.
SME "TEC" Begins work at the "Neftegaz-2017" Exhibition [18.04.2017]
Today, the 17th April, the annual "Neftegaz-2017" exhibition has opened in Moscow. In this year it takes place in the Expocenter (Krasnopresnenskaya Nab., 14), where SME "TEC" is located in Pavilion No. 1.
It's not Gods, who Make the Rails [13.04.2017]
"Our people performed a feat! In spite of the difficult foreign economic relations between Turkey and Russia at that time, our specialists went to Turkey, made friends with their Turkish colleagues and executed a huge amount of work. This is an admirable project, the first international project on the European soil, and not in the Russian soil. This is a big step for our company, and for those, who took part in this work, thank you very much! (c) Shestakov A. N., Director General of SME "TEC", Ltd.
The Driver of "Tomsk Electronic Company" Saved the Girl from the Storm Water Drain [06.04.2017]
Nagimov Ruslan Rashitovich, the driver of SME "TEC", saved a little girl in the village Swetly.
SME "TEC" in Arkhangelsk Supports the Development Program of the Arctic [31.03.2017]
Today, RemTEC electric drive in the arctic version will be presented within the framework of a round table on the presentation of innovative products and technologies for the development of the Arctic.
The Approval Certificate of IDK-10 was Received as a Measurement Instrument [20.03.2017]
In March 2017, "Tomsk Electronic Company" received a certificate that approved the latest development of the company IDK-10 gas detector as a measurer.
A Series of Educational Videos Prepared by "Tomsk Electronic Company" [15.03.2017]
This series will allow specialists to understand independently the installation and configuration of RemTEK electric drives.
"Тomsk Electronic Company" Became one of the Members of FieldComm Group Organization [27.01.2017]
In January 2017, "Tomsk Electronic Company" became one of the members of the FieldComm Group organization, which was formed when the HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation had merged.
The Permission was Received in Order to Use the RemTEK in the Hazardous Facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan [09.01.2017]
On the 30th December 2016 the permission was given by the Republican State Institution "Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee" (Astana).
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