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SRO Certificate on Designing Has Been Obtained [29.12.2009]
Certificates Have Been Obtained for SKS-07 [26.12.2009]
Conformity Certificates have been obtained for SKS-07 Monitoring and Alarm System and its components: BKS-01 monitoring and alarm unit, DV-03 vibration sensor, DVR-03 rotation sensor.
New High Speed Actuators for Fire Fighting Systems [24.12.2009]
Tomsk Electronic Company started manufacturing high speed actuators of RemTEK type for fire fighting systems.
Certificate was Obtained for DNB [08.12.2009]
The New Pattern Approval Cert for DNB continuous hopper batcher has been obtained.
SME TEC Obtained SRO Membership [19.11.2009]
Tomsk Electronic Company has identified the self regulating organization and acquired membership of non-commercial partnership Tomsk Designing Society (SRO).
Results of Quality Assurance Audit [13.11.2009]
On November 10-11, Tomsk Electronic Company was successfully appraised by NQA-Russia and awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Scientific Meeting [09.11.2009]
On November 6, 2009, SME TEC held a scientific meeting devoted to associated gas use; specialists and researchers from Tomsk oil and gas companies participated in that meeting.
Pattern Approval Certificate on MicroTEK Measuring Technique [23.10.2009]
Appraisal Certificate # 29-37/09 on Measuring Technique for Input Electric Signals  and Their Conversion into Volume and Weight Data for Gas by MicroTEK Computing Units was issued by FGU Tomsky CSM.
Patent on Invention [19.10.2009]
The patent  has been obtained on invention # 2369646 on the technology of differential thermal processing for shaped mill products, in particular rails and the equipment implementing this technology.
Certificate for S9 Unit [16.10.2009]
Pattern Approval Certificate has been obtained for S9 Measuring Unit.
NPAA Conference [14.10.2009]
On October 7-9 SME TEC Ltd. participated in Scientific Practical Conference held under NPAA umbrella on Prospective in Pipe Fittings Development on the facilities of ZAO Tulaelectroprivod, making report “SME TEC Ltd. selling drives for 10 years”.
KIOGE 2009 [13.10.2009]
On 6-9 October, Almaty hosted the 17th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2009 where specialists from Tomsk Electronic Company also took part.
Publication on SME TEC Activities [12.10.2009]
The article tilted “Always Stable Voltage” was published in the special supplement to the Economics and Life, called “Tomsk Region – Territory of Innovation”, #9/2009, page 13.
Futsal Competition [08.10.2009]
On October 3 the futsal team of SME TEC participated in the IVth Futsal Competition, devoted to Oilman Day.
International Scientific Technical Conference on Gas Distribution Stations and Gas Supply Systems [06.10.2009]
Specialists from SME Tomsk Electronic Company participated in the First International Scientific Technical Conference on Gas Distribution Stations and Gas Supply Systems in Sochi on October 1-2.
Certificate on TenzoTEK-03 [28.09.2009]
Pattern Approval Certificate has been obtained for TenzoTEK-03 Metering Converter.
Pattern Approval Certificate on MicroTEK Measuring Technique [22.09.2009]
Measuring technique for MicroTEK has been certified. Pattern Approval Certificate # 29-35/09 on Technique  for input electric signals measuring and their conversion into volume and weight data of non-associated gas by computing unit of MicroTEK, has been issued by FGU Tomsky CSM.
Patent on Invention [21.09.2009]
The patent has been obtained for the stop valve actuator (# 2366848).
Publications about SME TEC [08.09.2009]
Article titled “From Ideas to Innovations” was published in Nedra Sibiri Magazine, #8/2009, page 58-59.
Certificate of Conformance [01.09.2009]
Validity of the Certificate of Conformance for SKU-E Packaged Control Panel has been extended.
Patent on Invention [28.08.2009]
The patent has been obtained for the stop valve actuator (# 2364780).
New Publications about SME TEC [27.08.2009]
The following articles have been published: “Market Relations School”, Nedra Sibiri Magazine, #6 (36) 2009, pages 16-17 and “Innovations for Effective Business”, Federal Business Magazine TEM Trends.Events.Market, #5(30) 2009, pages 76-77.
Supplying Resistor Units for Rosneft [26.08.2009]
Tomsk Electronic Company started to supply resistor units to Vancor Oilfield aimed for testing of generators for 1-25 MW being commissioned and generating active electric load in supply lines with voltage up to 10.5 kV for Vancor Oilfield development.
From Incredible Ideas to Innovations [11.08.2009]
On August 10-13 SME TEC holds the Contest “From Incredible Ideas to Innovations”. Company employees presented a great number of reports containing innovative ideas related not only to products and projects, but operational activities of SME TEC in general.
Certification of Drives by GASPROMSERT [07.08.2009]
RemTEK electric drives have been tested for voluntary certification system of GASPROMCERT and recommended to be used at OAO Gasprom facilities.
Certificates Validity Has Been Extended [04.08.2009]
New Conformity Certificate has been obtained for asynchronous motor DATEK-250 since the previous one has expired, also Certificates were obtained for explosion proof cable terminals VKV, explosion proof plugs ZV, explosion proof adapters PV.
Patent of Invention [28.07.2009]
Patent has been obtained for invention of eccentric planetary drive with internal toothing.
Obtaining New Certificate [20.07.2009]
The Certificate has been obtained for a new development -  DSTEK-158 Asynchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets.
Article on RemTEK Electric Drives for Fire Systems [10.07.2009]
The article “Tomsk Electronic Company: New Drive for Fire Systems” was published in magazine “Valves and Fittings”, #3 (42) 2009, pages 71-73
New Permit Obtained [01.07.2009]
Validity of Permits of Use have been extended for the following equipment: GSM gas detectors, MicroTEK computing units, S7, S7-01 transducers.
Children Painting Festival [03.06.2009]
On May 29 Tomsk Electronic Company held the Festival of Children Painting.
SME TEC in Kazakhstan [25.05.2009]
On May 20-22 Tomsk Electronic Company participated in the VIIth International Exhibition MinTech-2009, taking place in Ust-Kamenogorsk (Republic of Kazakhstan).
New Permits [20.05.2009]
New permits have been obtained for the manufactured equipment: ERA-10 electric drive, PBE-7M1 electronic control unit, BUR adjustable control unit, PDU and PDU-01 remote control panels, BU-05 control unit, DATEK-350 and DATEK-450 three phase asynchronous motors.
Oil. Gas. Geology – 2009 [18.05.2009]
On May 13-15, Oil. Gas. Geology -2009 Exhibition along with the Vth Siberian Congress for Fuel and Energy Sector were held in the Tomsk Technopark.
Software Certification [07.05.2009]
Approval Certificate has been obtained for the software for automated operator’s desk within SIKN Wizard oil metering system.
Our Specialists Won the Engineer of the Year-2008 Contest [16.04.2009]
Upon the outcomes of All-Russian Contest the Engineer of the Year-2008, three specialists of our company got the awards of the 1st round:
Emerson Presentation in SME TEC [08.04.2009]
On April 6, 2009 Emerson made a presentation on migration from RS3 to DeltaV , this event was held on the facilities of Tomsk Electronic Company and aimed mostly for automation departments of OAO Tomskgazprom, OOO Tomskneftekhim and OOO SME TEC.
New Certificates Have Been Obtained [02.04.2009]
New certificates have been obtained for PBE-7M1 electronic control units, BUR variable control units and PDU-01 remote control panels.
Gazprom Pays a Visit to Tomsk Electronic Company [23.03.2009]
On March 20, Tomsk Electronic Company was happy to welcome a delegation from OAO Gazprom, consisting of Mr. Stolyar, Head of Automation Directorate, and his Deputy Mr. Motenko, and representatives of OOO Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk headed by Mr. Markelov, Director General.
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