Weighing Systems

In order to provide comprehensive weighing recording from raw materials to basic products one uses wagon, automobile, platform, hopper and conveyor scales etc.


The system of weighing recording is used for metering raw materials and products, moving in a flow during their transportation to the warehouse or shipment. The weighing recording system allows avoiding design mistakes, technology violation when processing raw materials as well as speeding up their shipment to the customer.


The weighing recording system can be a part of systems of routine metering for various flows and power resources.


The operation principle of the weighing system is based on metering the weight of the materials moving in a flow.


Types of Process Equipment for Weight Recording:

Intermittent weighing devices can be also of combined action - static and dynamic, for example: Dynamic scales are aimed for dynamic weighing of vehicles while they are moving; static scales are aimed for vehicles weighing when they are stopped on a platform; static scales also allow weighing unmoving wagons and dynamic ones - moving railroad wagons and platforms. 


PCS for Weighing Recording and Balance


As a rule automated systems for weighing records and balance are multistage systems with geographic process distribution.


Each process stage is provided with a subsystem for batching and recording, performing the acceptance, storage and shipment of products from one process stage to another; a shipment electronic sheet will be generated and if it already exists there will be some additions done. All geographically distributed subsystems for process stages are unified into one data system connected to the server for records and balance (ERP-server).


ERP-server processes all electronic data sheets for shipment and generates reports on the location (process stage) of basic materials or products, their quality and quantity, losses and locations where losses have occurred and products discarded etc.


PSC can be supplemented with a video surveillance system to provide supervision at the process site within various stages during acceptance, storage and movement of raw materials and products.


Example of PFD for Recording System


Example of PFD of System for Weighing Records and Balance