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Design Solutions for Various Purposes

SME TEC developed a wide range of technical solutions for weighing, batching and continuous conveying systems, covering the following process stages:

Batching systems and units for charge preparation and supply into metallurgical units (batching, mixing and conveying systems), including bins for temporary storage (feed hoppers, hoppers for active stock) manufactured by SME Tomsk Electronic Company, allows finding the best technical options for majority of companies:

  • Concentration and agglomeration production for preparation of iron ore materials (production of pellets and sintered iron ore) - batching systems, conveying and distribution systems and equipment for basic materials processing
  • Coke production, coal preparation shop - batching systems and conveying systems
  • Blast furnace production, systems of lower loading - batching systems, conveying systems and equipment for basic materials processing
  • Blast oxygen (steelmaking) production  - batching systems and bulk material supply system in metallurgical units (converter, electric furnaces, steel-pouring ladle and secondary metallurgy units), conveying systems, stock yard
  • Iron foundry - batching systems, conveying systems, basic materials processing, storage facilities
  • Ferroalloy industry - batching systems and bulk materials supply system in furnace bins, conveying system, stock yard
  • Fire resistant production - systems for batching, mixing and supply of fire resistant mixture into storage bins of the moulding press, conveying systems


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