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Automated Control Systems for Power Supply

The following items belong to power supply systems:

  • Linear nets and junctions devices of power units
  • Power supply systems for various companies
  • Junction gears for power consumers

For the above mentioned facilities we can offer development (upgrade) and introduction of the following system for automation of monitoring and metering:

  • ASKOUE - automated system for power supply control and routine metering
  • ASDOUE - automated system for power supply monitoring and routine metering
  • ASKUE - automated systems for power commercial metering


ASKOUE systems are aimed for routine monitoring of power supply and technical metering of power consumption in power supply systems of various companies.

ASKUE systems are aimed for automation of IT support for calculations of payments for consumed power between the supplier and consumer.


ASKUE has the following functions:

  • Central routine monitoring of power supply and power consumption
  • Current state of operation system (state of switching equipment of the main power supply), current values of main parameters for power consumption (load current, voltage, power demand, cos φ etc.) and state of protection devices and local automatic devices.
  • Warning and emergency alarm
  • Monitoring of power supply and power consumption
  • Follow up and archiving monitoring results for the operation scheme and power consumption metering
  • Follow-up and archiving monitoring results of operation (actuation) of protection devices and local automatic devices
  • Follow up and archiving of actions by operating personnel and managers
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Providing specialists with various tools to analyze power supply and consumption - graphics, automatic search of extremes and critical situations etc.
  • Recording consumed power (active/reactive) as regards inputs and connected consumers; for ASKUE - commercial metering in compliance with the market status of the system
  • Generating balance sheets for parts and sections of monitoring and metering
  • Calculation of technical and economic rates
  • Time synchronization
  • Informational and physical protection from unauthorized access to the system resources
  • Self check

Optional Functions

  • Supervisory control (remote control)
  • Oscillographic testing, monitoring and quality analysis (coefficients of current and voltage anhormonicity, harmonics coefficients, frequency deviations etc).

Technical Parameters

Standard scope of monitoring and metering for each connection:

  • Positioning of switching devices
  • Voltage (phase and linear) for each phase and average
  • Current, for each phase and average
  • Active capacity, for each phase and total
  • Reactive capacity, for each phase and total
  • Full power, for each phase and total
  • Frequency
  • cos φ 
  • State of protection devices and local automatics

Development and Introduction

Structure of control points and metering, balance sheets, functions and technical parameters are developed during pre-engineering evaluation and development of technical assignment as per technical provisions from power supplying companies, regulatory documents, distribution structure of GPP, TP, RU, KTP and KPU, requests and opportunities of the Customer.

The systems are based on the most advanced technical means:

  • Multi-functional sensors
  • FOL, radio channels
  • equipment and software by the leading companies in the sphere of power supply and IT integration - Schneider Electric, ABB, SIEMENS etc.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and Web- technology
  • Products by SME Tomsk Electronic Company (NKU, BUZ etc.)

Instruments (sensors) are selected basing on Customer's request regarding scope and metrological parameters. Also one considers market status of generated system and metrological parameters used for the system of primary transducers to be automated - current transformers, voltage transformers etc.

Integrated solutions from SME Tomsk Electronic Company allow integration into supplementary control systems - gas detection, lubricating system control, local control devices and overloading protection etc.

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