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In 2008 a new department was set up by SME Tomsk Electronic Company - Department for Electric Installations. It has been organized due to many reasons, such as:

  • Availability of production facilities
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Design institute, performing power facilities designing
  • Production of electrotechnical products, used for power industry

    At present SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers a comprehensive range of services in utility facilities construction (telecommunications and power supply lines):

  • Design and obtaining approvals
  • Construction of external and internal power supply lines
  • Construction and erection of switchboard and transformer substations up to 220 kV:
  • - bus arrangement for indoor and outdoor switchboards 
    - installation of insulators
    - mounting, assembly and setup of switches up to 110 kV and higher
    - mounting, assembly and adjustment of breakers, isolating switches and short circuitors
    - installation of arrestors 
    - mounting of metering transformers
    - assembly of packaged switchboards and packaged substations
    - assembly of power tansformers   
    - installation of statistical converters
    - installation of switchboards with voltage up to 10 kV
    - installation of switch panels, control stations, protection shields and automatic devices
    - mounting of batteries   

    • Installation of earthing devices
    • Installation of electric equipment in explosive and fire hazardous areas.
    • Arranging of outside and inside electric lighting

    The Company provides a full range of services - designing, assembly and commissioning, thus it allows reducing costs of the project implementation and ensure proper quality control. SME TEC also provides guarantee and post guarantee services.

    SME Tomsk Electronic Company has all relevant licenses for the above mentioned activities.

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