Participation in the IVth Meeting of Young Professionals [21.06.2011]
This year the team of employees of Tomsk Electronic Company took part in twice in Mayevka 2011 meeting of young professionals organized by Tomsk Oblast Administration. Gathering took place on the 18th-19th of June in the countryside near the village of Kaltay.

Participation of the team of Tomsk Electronic Company was allowed thanks to support and understanding. 


It was clear from the first moment that our team was the most close-knit, organized and active in competitions. Joint problems solving, skilful guidance of the team captain, good food and living conditions made a great contribution to the assigned mission - to come off with flying colors.


Team of SME TEC won a victory over all other teams taking part in the competition such as: NIIPP, Mikran, Tzentrobank, TGK 11, Sibelektromotor, and Tomskneftekhim. It's already the second win of our team in this event.


Following the results of competitions, SME TEC got a Winner's Diploma as well as diplomas of different nominations: The Best Musicians, Commitment to Style, Zoologic Garden Mind Game. 


We would like to give thanks to all who took part, pulled off, and supported as well as who helped our team!








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Premiere of the Short Detective "5" [27.11.2017]
We would like to bring to your attention a short detective film, making by the employees of the SME "TEC" within the framework of the program CorporationTeam.
The Interview with Dubrovin A.N., Deputy Head of Engineering Technical Center to the portal at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017 [16.11.2017]
Within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017, Andrey Nikolaevich Dubrovin gave an interview to the portal, where he told about the latest novelty from the SME "TEC" and plans for the next year.
The Interview with Kozhevnikov Konstantin Gennadievich, Deputy General Director for Oil and Gas Business Area of the SME "TEC", Ltd to the Neftegaz.RU agency at PMGF-2017 [14.11.2017]
Agency Neftegaz.RU talked with Kozhevnikov Konstantin about import substitution and novelties from "Tomsk Electronic Company".
RemTEC (drives) exhibits at St.Petersburg! [11.10.2017]
One of the most significant events in the gas industry - the Petersburg International Gas Forum took place in early October. SME "TEC" could not stand aside and took part in the "ROS-GAS-EXPO" exhibition. The exhibition takes place every year within the framework of the Forum.