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Business Trip to Bashkortostan Republic [31.05.2011]
On May 23-27 specialists of SME TEC paid a visit to the city of Ufa, capital of Bashkortostan Republic. The goal of this visit was to take a part in the XIXth Exhibition for Gas, Oil, Technologies as well as anniversary celebration of GUP Institute of Petrochemistry RB. This year the Institute celebrates its 55th anniversary.

On May 23 Denis V. Stegasov, Chief Engineer of SME TEC Design Institute, congratulated the team of the Institute on behalf of Andrey N. Shestakov, General Director of SME TEC and presented a gift for the Institute. Close cooperation of Tomsk Electronic Company with the leading Russian research center in oil refinery and petrochemistry started in July last year.


On May 24-27 Denis Stegasov with Roman Rozhenok, Deputy Technical Director, Lyubov Davidenko and Alex Zatonsky visited Exhibition for Oil, Gas and Technology. This event is very well recommended for experience exchange and demonstration of achievements by oil and gas specialists from Russia and abroad. Our specialists noted that the exhibition has significantly developed compared with previous years and still had great development potential. Numerous exhibitors, intensive business program, including Oil and Gas Forum consisting of several conferences devoted to various aspects of research, oil and production and transportation. All the above allowed to extend business contacts and obtain actual data on problems and prospective in oil and gas industry.

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Premiere of the Short Detective "5" [27.11.2017]
We would like to bring to your attention a short detective film, making by the employees of the SME "TEC" within the framework of the program CorporationTeam.
The Interview with Dubrovin A.N., Deputy Head of Engineering Technical Center to the portal at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017 [16.11.2017]
Within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum-2017, Andrey Nikolaevich Dubrovin gave an interview to the portal, where he told about the latest novelty from the SME "TEC" and plans for the next year.
The Interview with Kozhevnikov Konstantin Gennadievich, Deputy General Director for Oil and Gas Business Area of the SME "TEC", Ltd to the Neftegaz.RU agency at PMGF-2017 [14.11.2017]
Agency Neftegaz.RU talked with Kozhevnikov Konstantin about import substitution and novelties from "Tomsk Electronic Company".
RemTEC (drives) exhibits at St.Petersburg! [11.10.2017]
One of the most significant events in the gas industry - the Petersburg International Gas Forum took place in early October. SME "TEC" could not stand aside and took part in the "ROS-GAS-EXPO" exhibition. The exhibition takes place every year within the framework of the Forum.
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