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Communication Units

MKS-07M Communication Micro Controller
It provides connection to remote control systems and PCS of electric drives and other devices equipped with CAN exchange interface.

MKS-07M provides data collection, storage and exchange with the devices connected through CAN bus to IRPS interface and forwards this data to the upper level through RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces with Modbus RTU exchange protocol.

MKS-07M has the special mode for diagnostics and setup of various data exchange parameters (such as transfer rate through various channels, range of slave devices etc). The unit is setup through one of RS-232 channels.


Basic Technical Parameters

 Supply voltage, V

220±15 %

 Supported interfaces

dual redundant CAN bus
Two RS-232 channels
Two RS-485 channels
IRPS interface

 Number of field units

  up to 32 per each CAN channel  

 Data exchange rate through RS-485, bps  

9600, 19200

 Exchange rate through CAN bus, kbps


 Ambient temperature, C

from 0  to  +40

 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm


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