Gas preparation, reduction and distribution units


They are aimed at fuel gas preparation for gas reciprocating and gas turbine drives of compressor stations, electric power stations and other consumers.


Automated control over gas separation and heating, gas flow metering, reducing, compressing and dehydration are among performed functions. All stations are equipped with fire alarm system and gaseousness control system.

Following units and subsystems can be a part of the units:

- separation unit
- heating unit
- metering unit
- reduction unit
- gas dehydration unit
- gas compression unit
- fire alarm system
- fire fighting system
- gaseousness control system
- heating, lighting and ventilation system
- automated control system for process flow (PCS)


Equipment Layout

  • In factory-assembled block-box (implemented as container-type building as per GOST 22853 "Relocatable Buildings") which dimensions allow transportation on open platform by means of railway, automobile, and water transport
  • In prefabricated modular building erected on-site

Brief Technical Parameters

 Working medium

natural and associated gas, liquefied gas, and gas condensate

 Capacity, nm³/h


 Inlet pressure, MPa


 Outlet pressure, kPa


 Inlet gas temperature, °С

In compliance with Customer's requirements

 Outlet gas temperature, °С

In compliance with Customer's requirements

 Type of remote controlled drives:
   - cut-off devices
   - stop valves


 Explosion hazard zone as per PUE


 Explosion and fire hazard class as per Fire Code 105-03 


 Block box fire resistance rating as per SNiP 21-01-97


 Explosive mixture as per GOST R 51330.5-99


 Explosive mixture group as per PUE Art. 7.3


 Block-box indoor temperature not below, ° С

+ 5

Blocks' overall dimensions and quantity of transport units depend on operating parameters predetermined by Customer. Gas treatment, reduction and distribution blocks may consist both of one and several blocks falling within clearance limits and mounted on-site as monolithic building or construction.


SME TEC provides packaged supply of gas treatment, reduction and distribution blocks using its own intelligent equipment at most including measuring and IVK MicroTEK computing complexes, gas detectors of GSM series, electric drives of RemTEK series for stop and shut-off and control valves as well as for packaged electrics and other equipment allowing to offer individual engineering solutions at reasonable price and terms to Customer.