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TOM Automated Gas Distribution Stations


Automatic gas distribution stations (AGRS) is aimed to decrease high pressure of natural gas to reach predetermined outlet pressure and maintain it with the preset accuracy, as well as metering gas flow and its odorizing before supplying to consumer.


  • Reducing investment and operating expenses on account of the following:

- opportunity to reduce in scheduled operation for stop valves and process pipelines by 40% using integrated function test system including tracking of resources and pipeline and valve leakage (stationary or portable version)
- no need to service odorizing block due to original batching scheme and integrated adaptive system of automatic control providing precise odorant batching proportionally to gas flow rate at GRS outlet within large range of capacity (nearly from zero)
- increase of calibration interval of gas metering station up to 8-12 years due to using ISA 1932 nozzle providing gas metering accuracy within wide dynamic range under compliance with MI 3082 requirements
- opportunity to reduce amount of gas picked for internal requirements by means of vortex technologies for gas heating and reducing
- performance of up to 70% of works on AGRS by SME TEC means using Russian components in the main

  • Opportunity to transfer to "UNATTENDED" operation technologies
  • Improvement of operating reliability and increase of service life of AGRS being produced using advanced materials and equipment, process solutions, function test system and TOM' SAU AGRS
  • Performance of integrated factory tests for AGRS TOM' before shipment to the Customer at site of SME TEC, city of Tomsk, followed by drawing up test data sheet for TOM' AGRS process equipment
  • Performance of full range of the following works: designing, development of design documentation and software, manufacturing, testings, installation and construction works and commissioning at facility, service maintenance and aftersales service by SME TEC means followed by test data sheet for AGRS process equipment

Technical Parameters

 Working medium

natural gas

 Inlet pressure, MPa


 Outlet pressure, MPa


 Capacity, m3/h

1 000 - 100 000

 Number of outlets, pcs.

on Customer's requirement
(standard version 1-3 outlets)

 Inlet gas temperature, °С


 Ambient temperature, °С

Standard version -50…+50
(custom-made version -60…+50)


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